Reference : 32340-2002
Document Type : Prior-information procedure
Published on : 28/02/02
Title : I-Rome: project to support the rehabilitation of agriculture in southern Lebanon - ICU/Lebanese Mini
Dealine : 18 Feb 2003
Recd by EC : 28/02/02
Regulations : European Development Fund Procedure
Type : Prior-information or periodic information notice

This is a supply contract and the country of supply is Italy. The type of bid has not been specified. The basis for the contract award has not been specified.

Supplies contract forecast Cazas de Marjayoun, Bint Jbeil and Hasbaya (Lebanon)

1. Publication reference : EuropeAid/113536/D/S/LB

2. Procedure : International open invitation to tender

3. Programme : B7 6410 - rehabilitation and reconstruction in developing countries

4. Financing : LBN/RELEX/2000/2142

5. Contracting authority : Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU), Rome, Italy

6. Contract description : The creation and equipping of 3 agricultural services centres is being planned as part of the project to support the rehabilitation of agriculture in southern Lebanon. This project is financed by the European Union and being run by the I.C.U. in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture. The I.C.U is issuing an invitation to tender for the supply of 3 lots.

Lot No 1)

- 9 Agricultural tractors : comprising 8 tractors fitted with wheels and 1 crawler tractor,
- 9 ploughs : comprising 6 shareploughs and 3 subsoilers,
- 6 rigid harrows: comprising 2 rotary harrows with horizontal axle drive,
- 1 circular spike harrow with transverse axle drive, 3 cultivators,
- 6 semi-mounted dump trailers with rear unloading,
- 3 semi-mounted tankers fitted with petrol engines, for transporting liquids,
- 3 rotary hoes complete with wheels.
This lot cannot be split up for reasons of compatibility between the tractors and the agricultural implements.

Lot No 2)

- 3 beehive-product extraction and packaging lines.

Lot No 3)

- 3 oil presses and 3 filtering and bottling lines.

7. Number and indicative titles of the lots :

Number of lots : 3 lots.

Titles for the lots :
lot No 1) : tractors and agricultural implements;
lot No 2) : beehive-product extraction and packaging lines;
lot No 3) : oil presses and filtering and hand-operated oil bottling lines.

8. Estimated date of publication : 30.3.2002

9. Other information :

10. Legal basis : Council Regulation EC 2258/96.

NB : At least 30 calendar days must elapse between publication of this contract forecast and publication of the corresponding contract notice. Applications or requests for additional information must not be sent at this stage.