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A year of Passion

The theme chosen by the organisers is Passion, one of the main feature of Napolitan life.

A city of ancient origins, Naples survived the passing of many different civilisations: born as a Greek colony on VII century b.C., it has been ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Angevins and Spaniards. These cultures left deep traces in the urban fabric of the city, and built it up as we see it today: original and full of contradictions.

Naples is an extreme city, a place for excesses and emotions, where smells, humours and flavours become stronger and penetrating. Through the centuries, the city of Naples has been able to put together the Northern sensibility with the Mediterranean emotionalism, without regarding cultural or social differences. Which other city could better present an event based on Passion?

The relaunching of last years made the city to a renewed center for culture and artistic development, where the tradition (represented by big institutions such as the San Carlo theatre) has been able to melt with contemporaneity, giving birth to a unique blend. This is the context where the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean is going to take place.

Aim of the 2005 edition of the Biennial is to underline the role of Naples as Mediterranean crossroads and big European capital. In a time in which cultural, religious and economical differences seem to divide the peoples instead of bringing them together, the Biennial 2005 intends to be a place where civilizations can meet, even if in a short time.

Passion and its meanings
The main theme, Passion, will be divided according to seven possible meanings, one per each artistic area. The city of Naples, with its nature, history and culture, has of course been the leading thread for choosing the appropriate meanings.
-Temptations (the thrust of passion) for Applied Arts;
-Ideals (the exaltation of passion) for Images on the Move;
-Conflict (the struggle between passion) for Dance and Theatre shows;
-Communication (the exchange of passion) for Litterature and Poetry;
-Attraction (the tie of passion) for Visual Arts;
-Fear (the other side of passion) for Music;
-Discovering the passion for Gastronomy.

Mediterranean soul
As for its history and tradition, Naples has always been connected with the Mediterranean area. Its cultural and artistic heritage is the most visible evidence, while less evident traces can be found in language, musical culture, cooking, habits and even in religious practices. One could say that Naples is the hybrid city par excellence, the oldest European metropolis with multicultural vocation, perpetually renewed by the presence of peoples coming from all over the Mediterranean.

According to this line, the 12th edition of the Biennial of Young Artists will focus on the participation of South Mediterranean artists, underlining the ancient ties with the city. Particular attention will be given to disciplines less known in Western countries, such as architecture, design, video art, photography, scuplture... - of course without excluding the most typical productions.
Among the almost 1000 artists expected, more than 250 will come from the Southern Mediterranean Coast.
The productions expected are almost 500.

The programme of the event includes seven types of activities: exhibitions, concerts, theatre pieces, performances, readings, showings, meetings, activities for the guests. Each activity will be characterized by special settings, and will be edited or directed by well known professionals.

The 12th edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean will be followed by several side activities: the Biennial off, which will offer a rich programme of music, art and theatre on the whole Provincia di Napoli; and the Literary City Guide, a guide of Naples according to famous Neapolitan writers starting from the XIX century, which will be offered to the guests as tip for their discovering the city.

The 12th edition of the Biennial of Young Artists is organized by the Provincia di Naples and the Regione Campania with the collaboration of the Municipality of Naples.

Marseille,09 26 2005
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