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French Version

Conclusions for the VIIth Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

(LUXEMBOURG, 30-31 MAY 2005)

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 250ko)


1. The VIIth Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg on 30-31 May (‘Barcelona VII’) allowed Ministers to assess what has been achieved so far and to discuss general guidelines for the future of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, thus preparing the way for the Extraordinary High Level Meeting that will be held in Barcelona on 27-28 November in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Partnership and define a set of actions for the future. These two events constitute the political highlights of the “Year of the Mediterranean”.

The adoption of the Barcelona Declaration on November 28, 1995 marked a turning-point in relations between the European Union and its neighbours on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. A partnership was launched which is unique in its scope. The Barcelona Declaration set out medium and long-term goals to be achieved on a basis of joint ownership, dialogue and cooperation.

The Hague Ministerial Meeting, which took place in November 2004, agreed that a comprehensive review of the process should be submitted to Ministers in Luxembourg for approval, which should provide the basis for decisions on the future of the process, to be adopted at the Extraordinary Meeting in Barcelona.


2. Senior Officials have conducted a review of the ten years of the Barcelona Process based on input from a number of different sources. The Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly has adopted various resolutions at its first plenary session from 12-15 March 2005 in Cairo. Arab partners have circulated a paper with their views which has provided a very useful contribution to the exercise and reinforced the sense of joint ownership. Other partners also have submitted ideas and suggestions. The Commission has issued its Communication entitled “A work programme to meet the challenges of the next five years”, which includes an assessment of the achievements during the past ten years. The EuroMeSCo ("Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission") and FEMISE networks of Euro-Mediterranean policy institutes have carried out their own assessments, entitled “Towards a Euro-Mediterranean Community of Democratic States” and “The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, 10 Years After Barcelona: Achievements and Perspectives”. The Euromed Non-Governmental Platform has also presented its ideas, which were developed at the Civil Forum in Luxembourg from 1-3 April 2005. The present document contains an overall assessment highlighting the main achievements and shortcomings of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, while its Annex proceeds to a more detailed description of actions undertaken under the three chapters (political, economic, social) of the Barcelona Declaration since the Ministerial Meeting in The Hague.

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 250ko)

Brussels,06 06 2005
European Union
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