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Euromed News


The European Commission on 10 May announced the allocation of € 28.3 million in humanitarian aid for one million Palestinians in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, and Lebanon. The aid will provide food, water and sanitary services, employment opportunities, health care, psycho-social support and protection for the poorest Palestinians and those most affected by movement restrictions. Assistance will be channelled through ECHO, the Commission’s humanitarian aid department. More on http://europa.eu.int/comm/echo/index_en.htm


* The Quartet meeting on 9 May in Moscow adopted a statement whereby it “emphasises that this is a hopeful and promising moment for both Palestinians and Israelis, and that they deserve the full support of the international community”. The Quartet “affirms its commitment to fully support the efforts of both parties to ensure successful Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and parts of the northern West Bank”. The Quartet “affirms that a new Palestinian state must be truly viable, with contiguity in the West Bank; reminds all concerned that a state of scattered territories will not work”. The Quartet is made up of the EU, the US, Russia, and the UN. In Moscow the EU was represented by Council President and Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, High Representative Javier Solana, and European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner. Mr Asselborn called on Israelis and Palestinians to fulfil their commitments under the Roadmap. The Quartet’s statement is at http://www.eu2005.lu/en/actualites/communiques/2005/05/09mequartett02/index.html Mr Asselborn’s words are at http://www.eu2005.lu/en/actualites/communiques/2005/05/09mequart-cons/index.html

* The first informal EU-Algeria economic dialogue was held on 27 April in Brussels at senior officials’ level. This was the first EU-Algeria meeting since the latter ratified the Association Agreement. Discussions focused on the Algerian government’s reform plan, the promotion of an investment-friendly environment, and preparations for implementing the Association Agreement. Algerian representatives outlined the government’s reform plan and asked for clarification on the link up between the Barcelona Process and the European Neighbourhood Policy, as well as on market opening and tariff dismantling. Commission representatives provided explanations and presented the prospects held out for Algerian administrations by the twinning system. The meeting highlighted Algeria’s determination to open up its economy to the outside world.

* Senior Officials of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership responsible for political and security issues will meet on 18 May in Brussels. The meeting will mainly focus on preparations for the 7th Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference scheduled for 30 and 31 May in Luxembourg. Senior Officials will also discuss the state of play of the envisaged Euro-Mediterranean seminar on anti-personnel landmines. The meeting will be preceded on the same day by an Ad Hoc meeting on Terrorism.

* The Euro-Mediterranean Committee of the Barcelona Process will meet on 19 May in Brussels. Preparations will be made for the Luxembourg Ministerial Conference as regards the 2nd and 3rd Chapters of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. The results of the Luxembourg Forum held in early April will be presented by representatives of the Euro-Med NGO Platform. The Committee will then meet as Board of Governors of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures. In this capacity the Committee will hear two reports, one by the Luxembourg Council Presidency and the other by the Foundation’s Executive Director, Traugott Schöfthaler. In addition, the working of the national networks making up the Foundation will be discussed.

* The President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Anne-Marie Sigmund, visited Jordan from 26 to 28 April to discuss in particular the forthcoming creation of an Economic and Social Council in the Hashemite Kingdom. Ms Sigmund, who was leading an EESC delegation, met King Abdullah II’ s representative, Prince Feisal, Prime Minister Adnan Badran, and Labour Minister Bassem Assalem. The EESC President also met representatives of Jordan’s civil society, including Industry and Trade Unions. In addition, she took part in an EESC-ILO (International Labour Organisation) joint seminar on the promotion of social dialogue.


Following an agreement with the Government of Lebanon, the European Commission has launched an EU Election observation mission to Lebanon to follow the Parliamentary elections which are scheduled to be held on four consecutive Sundays (29 May – 19 June). The mission will follow the election campaign, the work of the election administration, the media, polling, counting and tabulation of results, as well as possible complaints and appeals. The mission is led by MEP José Ignacio Salafranca Sanchez-Neyra, Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, who is scheduled to arrive on 13 May. The Commission is deploying a total of around 90 observers, including a core team based in Beirut, long-term observers in the provinces, and short-term observers who will arrive closer to the first election day. The cost of the mission is € 1.9 million, funded from the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights.

Mediterranean Partners’ companies and organisations, as well as Euro-Mediterranean consortia specialising in gender mainstreaming can get support under the new MEDA funded «Enhancing opportunities for Women in economic life » Regional Programme, managed by the European Commission’s EuropeAid Co-operation Office. A € 3.2 million Call for Proposals concerning awareness-raising among public authorities and training of NGOs to facilitate the integration of Women in economic life was launched recently. The deadline for submission of proposals is 8 July. The guidelines for applicants are available from the web site http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/cgi/frame12.pl . See also Funding Opportunities section on page 4. Furthermore, a clarification meeting will be held on 9 June in Brussels. The deadline for sending requests for participation is 24 May. In addition, a Call for Tender under the € 5 million Programme will be published in the next few days.

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership was in the limelight on 28 April in three Lebanese newspapers: two dailies (French language “L’Orient-Le Jour” and Arabic language “As-Safir”) and a monthly (French language “Le Commerce du Levant”). Those Euro-Med supplements, published as part of the MEDA funded Information & Communication Regional Programme, are the first in a monthly series that will run until November 2005, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration that launched the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Each Euro-Med supplement is presented and commented in “Euro-Med Magazine”, an Arabic language weekly TV broadcast, before its release at newsagents’. Euro-Med Magazine is also produced as part of the Information & Communication Programme and has been broadcast live every Monday night since 21 March on NBN (National Broadcasting Network). Those two operations have been complemented by a series of programmes for Arabic language satellite channel Al-Arabiya, which began on 9 May with a documentary on the making of Europe. The regional programme is co-ordinated by the European Commission’s EuropeAid Co-operation Office, and the management of three projects (Euro-Med supplements; Euro-Med Magazine; and al-Arabiya broadcasts) has been entrusted to the Commission Delegation in Beirut. http://www.dellbn.cec.eu.int

The goal of creating a Virtual Euro-Mediterranean Hospital and the approach for its setting up, which had been agreed in early April in Algiers, were confirmed on 17-18 April in Amman by the partners in the MEDA funded EUMEDIS Regional Programme, managed by the European Commission’s EuropeAid Co-operation Office. The Virtual Hospital project draws on the results of several EUMEDIS pilot projects, particularly EMISPHER and EMPHIS in the field of health, and ODISEAME in the area of education. http://www.emispher.org and http://www.eumedis.net.


If you want to know more about the economic aspects of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the economic situation of the countries concerned (including 9 Mediterranean Partners), you can download a European Commission paper entitled “European Neighbourhood Policy: Economic Review of ENP Countries”. The 160 page document featuring a number of tables and charts was drawn up by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs. It is available from the web site: http://europa.eu.int/comm/economy_finance/

The “Project Cycle Management” document, a must for all those involved in the management of European Commission projects, including Euro-Med projects, is now available in Arabic from the web site of the MEDA funded Euromed Heritage Regional Programme, managed by the European Commission’s EuropeAid Co-operation Office. http://www.euromedheritage.net/fr/pcm.htm



Mediterranean Partners
Erratum: the Call “MEDSTAT Statistical cooperation (Phase II) - Lot 5 MED-Environment (ENV) Contrat n° ME8/B7-4100/EuropeAid/2001/0125-5” is not the result of an error as it was mistakenly indicated in Euromed Synopsis No 313. The Call is fully valid (see below). We apologise to our readers.

MEDSTAT Statistical co operation Phase II - Mediterranean Region
Reference: EuropeAid/120096/C/SV/Multi
Status: Open (until 27.05.2005)

MEDA Regional Information Communication Programme Set-up and management of an information resources center
Reference: EuropeAid/120731/C/SV/Multi
Budget EUR: 1400000
Status: Open (until 20.05.2005)

Appui à un Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen des Instituts de Politiques Etrangères
Reference: EuropeAid/120764/C/SV/Multi
Budget EUR: 5000000
Status: Open (until 01.07.2005)

Appui à un Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Economiques
Reference: EuropeAid/120767/C/SV/Multi
Budget EUR: 5000000
Status: Open (until 01.07.2005)

MEDSTAT Statistical cooperation (Phase II) - Lot 5 MED-Environment (ENV) Contrat n° ME8/B7-4100/EuropeAid/2001/0125-5
Reference: EuropeAid/121129/D/S/Multi
Status: Open (until 16.06.2005)

MEDA Regional Information Communication Programme Organisation of study visits and on-the-job training for journalists
Reference: EuropeAid/121244/C/SV/Multi
Budget EUR: 1200000
Status: Open (until 10.06.2005)

Management and implementation of the MED-ENEC project Energy Efficiency in the Construction sector in the Mediterranean
Reference: EuropeAid/121408/C/SV/Multi
Budget EUR: 4000000
Status: Open (until 17.06.2005)

Euromed Audiovisuel II
Reference: EuropeAid/121416/C/G/Multi
Status: Open (until 24.06.2005)

Call for proposals for SMAP III Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans of Action
Reference: EuropeAid/121336/C/G/Multi
Status: Open (until 10.06.2005)

Enhancing opportunities for women in Economic life
Reference: EuropeAid/121474/C/G/Multi
Status: Open (until 08.07.2005)

Mission d’Assistance Technique à l’Institut National de Formation professionnelle(INFP) à l’Agence Nationale de Soutien à l’Emploi des Jeunes(ANSEJ) à la Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Chômage (CNAC) et à l’Association Nationale des Etablissements
Reference: EuropeAid/121056/D/SV/DZ
Budget EUR: 1086000
Status: Open (until 21.05.2005)

Assistance Technique au MFEP pour le renforcement et l’adaptation des outils de gestion du SFEP
Reference: EuropeAid/121057/D/SV/DZ
Budget EUR: 644000
Status: Open (until 23.05.2005)

Assistance Technique au MFEP pour développer et implanter un cadre méthodologique d’analyse et d’étude d’opportunité pour les projets de Formation et d’Enseignement Professionnels (FEP)
Reference: EuropeAid/121058/D/SV/DZ
Budget EUR: 476000
Status: Open (until 21.05.2005)

Assistance Technique au MFEP pour le renforcement et l’implantation des outils de contrôle de la performance de la Formation et de l’Enseignement Professionnels (FEP)
Reference: EuropeAid/121059/D/SV/DZ
Budget EUR: 540000
Status: Open (until 22.05.2005)

Appel à propositions pour les activités culturelles locales en Algérie financées par le programme MEDA - 2005 des Communautés européennes
Reference: EuropeAid/121362/L/G/DZ
Budget EUR: 90000
Status: Open (until 04.07.2005)

Education Enhancement Programme . Provision of ICT hardware peripherals and consumables data networking and cabling and computer furniture as well as training in 15 Governorates - Egypt
Reference: EuropeAid/121166/D/S/EG
Status: Open (until 11.07.2005)

Local Cultural activities ( MEDA 2005_Egypt)
Reference: EuropeAid/121280/L/G/EG
Budget EUR: 150000
Status: Open (until 30.05.2005)

Tender for Development of Nine Health Facilities in Alexandria Governorate Egypt
Reference: EuropeAid/121481/M/W/EG
Status: Open (until 30.05.2005)

Aqaba Tourism Market Research
Reference: EuropeAid/121383/M/SV/JO
Budget EUR: 63000
Status: Open (until 15.05.2005)

Equipment for industrial research institute
Reference: EuropeAid/121252/D/S/LB
Status: Open (until 08.07.2005)

Programme activités culturelles 2005 - Liban
Reference: EuropeAid/121393/L/G/LB
Budget EUR: 100000
Status: Open (until 17.06.2005)

Supply of one vehicle computer equipment and office equipment
Reference: EuropeAid/121439/M/S/LB
Status: Open (until 23.05.2005)

Twinning call for proposals Institutional Strengthening of the Consumer Protection Directorate
Reference: EuropeAid/121482/C/G/LB
Budget EUR: 1050000
Status: Open (until 17.06.2005)

Acquisition de matériel didactique et pédagogique provinces de Taounate Sefrou Larache Khemisset Khenifra el Jadida Figuig et Chtouka ait Baha / Maroc
Reference: EuropeAid/114445/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 16.05.2005)

TA 203/04 - Travaux d’aménagement urbain à la ville de Tanger (Arrondissement de Beni Makada) dont la restructuration du quartier de Beni Ouriaghel (sur 13 ha environ) et l’équipement du Lotissement El Mers Tranche 2 (sur 15 ha environ).
Reference: EuropeAid/119680/M/W/MA
Status: Open (until 27.06.2005)

Appel d’offres ouvert relatif à l’acquisition des bibliothèques scolaires provinces de Taounate Sefrou Larache Khemisset Khenifra el Jadida et chtouka ait baha - maroc
Reference: EuropeAid/120238/C/S/MA
Status: Open (until 18.04.2005)

Travaux de construction de réhabilitation et d’aménagement pour la mise à niveau des écoles primaires dans les délégations provinciales de Chtouka Ait Baha Khemisset Sefrou et Khenifra.
Reference: EuropeAid/120270/M/W/MA
Status: Open (until 18.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipement pour le Centre Technique des Industriels des Equipements des Véhicules (CETIEV) à Casablanca Maroc
Reference: EuropeAid/120888/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 23.05.2005)

Appui institutionnel à la circulation de personnes - Assistance technique à l’unité de gestion du projet
Reference: EuropeAid/120994/C/SV/MA
Budget EUR: 1908500
Status: Open (until 20.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipement informatique et bornes intéractives pour l’Agence Nationale pour la Promotion de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise (ANPME) Rabat
Reference: EuropeAid/121006/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 24.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipement informatique pour la Caisse Centrale de Garantie (CCG)
Reference: EuropeAid/121111/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 14.06.2005)

Ministere de la santé Délégation du ministère de la santé à la Wilaya d’Oujda et Préfecture d’Oujda Angads Maroc
Reference: EuropeAid/121183/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 15.06.2005)

Acquisition des équipements médico-techniques pour 5 hôpitaux
Reference: EuropeAid/121274/D/S/MA
Status: Open (until 01.06.2005)

Travaux d’équipement du site El Mers Tranche 2 et de restructuration du site Bni Ouriaghel à Tanger (2nde relance lot 1)
Reference: EuropeAid/121368/M/W/MA
Status: Open (until 06.06.2005)

Appel à propositions pour un jumelage Renforcement de la capacité operationnelle des Forces Auxiliaires du Royaume du Maroc et de leur encadrement supérieur dans le domaine de la surveillance des frontières en dehors des points de passage frontalier
Reference: EuropeAid/121438/C/G/MA
Budget EUR: 250000
Status: Open (until 16.06.2005)

Supply of Computer Equipment Air Conditioners Furniture and Cars for the Municipal Administration Modernisation Project
Reference: EuropeAid/120603/D/S/SY
Status: Open (until 29.05.2005)

Supply of Metering Equipment Materials Management System and NMS/SCADA System
Reference: EuropeAid/120800/D/S/SY
Status: Open (until 13.06.2005)

Supply of Desktop Personal Computers and Printers
Reference: EuropeAid/120865/M/S/SY
Status: Open (until 25.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipements et matériels pour la formation professionnelle dans les secteurs de la chimie et de la pharmacie - Chimie et Pharmacie
Reference: EuropeAid/120076/D/S/TN
Status: Open (until 30.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipements et matériels pour la formation professionnelle dans le secteur du froid et de la climatisation. Froid et Climatisation
Reference: EuropeAid/120077/D/S/TN
Status: Open (until 13.05.2005)

Acquisition d’équipements et matériels audiovisuels et d’informatique de base destinés à la formation professionnelle, Informatique et Audiovisuels
Reference: EuropeAid/120079/D/S/TN
Status: Open (until 31.05.2005)

Acquisition des équipements et matériels pour la formation professionnelle dans le secteur de la mécanique automobile. Réparation Automobile
Reference: EuropeAid/120082/D/S/TN
Status: Open (until 12.05.2005)

Assistance à la privatisation des activités des Ateliers Mécaniques du Sahel AMS
Reference: EuropeAid/120358/D/SV/TN
Budget EUR: 300000
Status: Open (until 25.05.2005)

Activités culturelles locales régionales
Reference: EuropeAid/121212/C/G/TN
Status: Open (until 23.06.2005)

Appel à propositions pour un jumelage - Renforcement des Capacités Statistiques de l’Institut National de la Statistique INS
Reference: EuropeAid/121220/C/G/TN
Budget EUR: 1020000
Status: Open (until 16.05.2005)

Appel à propositions pour un jumelage léger - Renforcement des Capacités de l’Institut de l’Economie Quantitative (IEQ)
Reference: EuropeAid/121498/C/G/TN
Budget EUR: 220000
Status: Open (until 13.06.2005)

Appel à propositions pour un jumelage léger - Renforcement des capacités de la douane en matière de régimes suspensifs réglés d’origine et communication
Reference: EuropeAid/121511/C/G/TN
Budget EUR: 240000
Status: Open (until 15.06.2005)

Equipment for Shoemaking Training Institution and Information Centre
Reference: EuropeAid/114146/D/S/TR
Status: Open (until 06.06.2005)

Establishment of an IT system for Financial Monitoring and Statistics Reporting for the General Directorate of Insurance (GDI) and the Insurance Supervisory Board (ISB)
Reference: EuropeAid/117442/C/S/TR
Status: Open (until 28.06.2005)

Strengthening the Accountability Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Turkish National Police
Reference: EuropeAid/117614/D/S/TR
Status: Open (until 30.05.2005)

Supply of Fire Brigade Equipment required for the implementation of the operation Twinning Between the Municipalities of Komotini and Yalova Towards Disaster Preparedness and Management?
Reference: EuropeAid/119480/D/S/TR
Status: Open (until 04.04.2005)

Call for expression of interest to set up a list of pre-selected consultants in order provide administrative and technical assistance to the Representation of the European Commission. Deadline for first evaluation round 7 May 2004
Reference: EuropeAid/119722/C/SV/TR
Status: Open (until 31.01.2007)

Technical Assistance For Strengthen the Institutional Structure and Capacity in the Field Of Chemicals
Reference: EuropeAid/120220/D/SV/TR
Budget EUR: 1500000
Status: Open (until 13.05.2005)

Support to Food Inspection Services
Reference: EuropeAid/120708/C/S/TR
Status: Open (until 01.07.2005)

Supply of Specialist Workshop and Laboratory Equipment to Vocational and Technical Teacher-Training Faculties?
Reference: EuropeAid/120885/C/S/TR
Status: Open (until 11.07.2005)

Technical support of school management and establishment of computer laboratories to 40 pilot general high schools of svet programme turkey
Reference: EuropeAid/120935/C/S/TR
Status: Open (until 06.07.2005)

Brussels,05 16 2005
European Union
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