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JOFREX Exhibition For Leading French Companies Attracts Major Industry Players

More than 100 French Companies Exhibiting

JOFREX aims to facilitate partnership between French and Middle Eastern companies seeking to expand their business horizons, increase their profits and engage in innovative and fruitful joint business ventures.

The scope of the sectors exhibiting at JOFREX is genuinely impressive. Leading French companies from the manufacturing, technology, industrial, institutional and customer services (among many other sectors) will be among the exhibitors. It may be noted that only French companies will show case their products at the exhibition. However, local participants include Jordan Telecom/France Telecom, Jordan Cement/Lafarge , Baretercard, Aramex and other leading Jordanian business institutions.

Some of the French companies participating in the JOFREX Expo include Lafarge, Peugeot, Lema/Suez Environment, Degrèmont, Renault, Société Générale (Bank), Michelin, Air France, Miqdadi (French agricultural products ), only to mention a few from among 100 exhibiting companies.

Middle Eastern countries attending the event include Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, the Palestinian National Authority and Syria. Companies from these countries have perceived the unique opportunity presented by the JOFREX exhibition for partnering with their French counterparts and forging mutually fruitful business relationships.

Interest in doing business in neighboring Iraq is an important motive for participation in the Exhibition. Iraq is an immensely promising and important market and Jordan is an important gateway to it. Moreover, Iraq is embarking on major reconstruction and reequipping in virtually every consumer and institutional sector.

It is to be mentioned that a workshop on Iraq will be held in the course of the Exhibition addressing the theme of doing business in Iraq.

Dr. Labib Kamhawi, a Jordanian with a thriving business concern in Iraq said that “businessmen wishing to do successful business in Iraq must look at this very important market in a strategic manner and avoid the “hit and run” policy adopted by some who believe in making quick profit without investing back some of this profit in the Iraqi market”. Dr. Kamhawi added, “each market has its ups and downs, and the

commitment to making business in Iraq must recognize this fact as the first step towards making successful business in Iraq”.

Endowed with state of the art knowledge and abundant financing, French companies will seek to forge business partnerships with Middle Eastern companies willing to seize the valuable opportunity to conclude promising, enduring and profitable business deals.

JOFREX 2005 is the outcome of expansive cohesive efforts of Franco-Jordanian bodies, it is organized by the Franco-Jordanian Business Club (CAFRAJ) and the French Embassy in Jordan and its Economic Department. JOFREX received the support of the French Acting Minister of Foreign Trade (Mr. François LOOS) and “ Label France ” by Ubifrance.

For more information, please contact:

In Jordan and the Levant:

Lawrence for Conferences
Ms. Thuraya HUSSEINI
Tel: + 962 6 566 4916
Fax: + 962 6 566 2395
E-mail: info@jofrex.com

In France:
Mr. Serge BUREAU
Tel: + 33 1 45 35 48 48
Fax: + 33 1 45 35 88 18
E-mail: boi@boi.fr

Amman,04 04 2005
Yann Rotil
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