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International Women’s Day

The world today has developed to allow women equal opportunities with men, and to make competition between them on merit rather than on sex. Back in the late 80s at the beginning of my career in the media, whatever little space we were granted afforded us the much needed challenge to face and confront the obstacles that stood in the development of women journalists.

It is appropriate at this point to pay tribute to the past generation of women pioneers who were met with loud protests and rejection; but they stood their ground and enabled us later on to be met with whispers of discontent.

These whispers gave us the impetus to persevere and keep on driving home the advantage of being the underdogs. So on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, March 8, UNESCO and the International Federation of Journalists asked media outlets to put women in charge of the news for a week.

Last year, over 1,000 media outlets agreed to turn editorial control over to women for a day. This initiative recognizes that women need to have leadership positions in order to create a media that is truly free and democratic, that giving women equal power in media affects women (and men and children as well) in society in general. As the UNESCO mission states: “The free flow of independent and pluralistic information can only exist when all talented journalists have an equal chance of becoming editors and media executives.”

This initiative has become a reality in my life, not for a day, week or year. My appointment to the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Star weekly newspaper has emphasized the high esteem with which my establishment regards me and other women journalists, as we are encouraged to enhance our capabilities to partner our men colleagues in advancing the profession. I am an optimist by nature and my optimism is based on a solid ground due to the great roles of Their Majesties King Abdallah and Queen Rania in promoting women’s issues in Jordan.

Furthermore, the Constitution safeguards the rights of women devoid of any hindrance, legal or otherwise. Hence I am confident that Jordanian women have their scopes stretched far towards the horizon of better things to come and aspirations to achieve.

Amman,03 21 2005
The Star
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