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Micro-credit Summit Conference motivates parliamentarians and civil society to get governmental commitments towards the poor borrowings

The development - interested experts and those who work in the field of poverty fighting expect that the “ Middle East / Africa Micro-credit Summit Conference for 2004”, which will be held in Grand Hayatt Hotel in the Jordanian Capital, Amman, during the period from 10 to 13 October 2004, to be a significant addition to the local and international efforts exerted to control poverty and to meet the requirements of the poorest segment through securing the funds enabling them to start their income generating micro projects and to overcome the finance and guaranty obstacles facing them when dealing with the commercial banks.

The conference organizers are of the opinion that the topics addressed in the conference and the papers presented in the concurrent public sessions, workshops and training courses, reflect the depth of the discussions and treatment made to activate the micro credits, specially with regard to making its mechanism available to tight poverty.

Among the topics, which will leave significant echo and which will attract extensive participation in the workshops of the second day of the conference, the commitment of the governments towards the micro - credits and the role of the parliamentarians, the society leaders and civil society organizations and the advocates of such commitment.

The work session, which will be held in the fourth day of the conference (meeting of councils), is expected to produce practical programs for poverty fighting, through activating the micro - credits. The concerned bodies put great hopes on such a session, as it will bring together all the developmental spectra, from the developmental vision and philosophy, through planning, to the politicians and dissociation makers. A session will be devoted to those who work in the field of borrowing and Non Governmental Organizations, and another session will be allocated for the donors, UN organizations, international financial institutions and local government bodies. The third session comprise micro-credit advocates, parliamentarians, educational institutions, service clubs and religious institutions. The fourth session of the councils meeting of the Micro-credit Summit Conference will be devoted to companies, banks, finance institutions, trading establishments, welfare organizations and benefactors

It is to be mentioned that the “Middle East / Africa Micro-credit Summit Conference for 2004” will be attended by more than fifty countries from Middle East, Africa, Southern Asia, Australia and Unitted States in addition to a great number of the developmental partners. It is expected the results of the conference will highly contribute to the annual international programs of the United Nations for Micro-credit in 2005. It has also a particular importance in enhancing the developmental goals for the third millennium, especially with regard to decreasing the poverty rate to half by 2015.

Conference Website is http://www.agfund-microcredit.org

Marseille,10 04 2004
Christophe Dugué
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