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Strong push to Middle East/Africa Region micro-credit summit

Micro – Credit is the Main Theme in AGFUND International Prize Categories

Development experts asserted that the initiative taken by the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND), whereby it allocated its prizes for 2005, to the Micro – Credit, is a strong push to poverty fight and the promotion of micro – credit culture, as a highly reliable mechanism in controlling poverty and integrating the poor into the production process.

In coincidence with the “Middle East/Africa Region Micro-credit Summit Meeting of Councils for 2004”, which will be held in Amman, Jordan, during the period from 10 to 13 next October in cooperation between AGFUND and the government of Jordan, represented by Ministry of International Planning and Cooperation along with the Micro – Credit Campaign in Washington, the AGFUND International Prize Committee, chaired by HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, President of AGFUND, declared that it had chosen the micro-credit to be the main theme of the prize for 2005, in order to contribute to the annual international year programs of the United nations for Micro-credit in 2005.

Development experts noted that AGFUND initiative is a qualitative addition to the efforts exerted to bring the Amman conference to success and to attract the attention of those who are interested in human development to the conference, which will be held for the first time in the Middle East region.

AGFUND prize treats addresses the issue of the poverty from different perspectives, through determining one main issue, for the first time since the prize has been launched in 1999, for competition by organizations, societies and individuals.

The first branch prize, the topic of which is (enhancing the developmental goals for the third millennium), is allocated for pioneering development projects implemented by UN, international and regional organizations; the second branch prize, the topic of which is (the impact of micro – credit on alleviating poverty) is allocated for pioneering development projects implemented by Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs); and the third branch prize, the topic of which is (how to extend micro – credits to the poorest), is allocated for pioneering development projects implemented and / or financed by individuals. It is to be noted that AGFUND has allocated micro – credit, as a topic for the conference out of its great history in fighting poverty, in cooperation with its partners of developmental organizations, financial institutions and NGOs operating in the field of micro credits as well as of the initiative of his Royal Highness Talal bin Abdul Aziz, to establish banks in the Arab world for the poor, that depend on extending micro - credits to the poorest segments in the society.

On the other hand, Micro - credit Summit Meeting), which will be held about ten weeks before the start of the United Nations International Year for Micro Credits, will be a strong base for that international year. It has also a particular importance in enhancing the developmental goals for the third millennium, especially with regard to decreasing the poverty rate to half by 2015

Amman,10 04 2004
Christophe Dugué
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