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Interim Report on an EU Strategic Partnership with the Mediterranean and the Middle East - Euromed Report

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 100ko



The December 2003 European Council asked the Presidency and SG/HR, in co-ordination with the Commission, to present concrete proposals on a strategy towards the region of the Middle East. This paper addresses this question and the related mandate from the European Council on developing relations with the Arab world.

Purpose of this Report

The purpose of this interim report is threefold:
- to give an overview of discussions on the strategy to date
- to present an analysis of the EU’s current engagement with the region and flag key upcoming developments
- to suggest core elements for a strategy on a common partnership with the region, to set out an agenda for consultation with our partners in the region and to provide guidance for discussions with other external actors in the coming three months.

Progress to date

This first phase in developing an EU Strategy has been used primarily to explore the views of EU partners on this issue. Since December there have been eight substantive discussions: in Working Groups (COMAG/COMEM), by Political Directors, at the Political and Security Committee, at COREPER and at the GAERC on 23 February. Fourteen EU partners have submitted formal papers. In addition the Commission and HR/SG have contributed inputs.

It is envisaged that the next phase (April-June 2004) will be directed primarily at consulting with the partners in the region. This point is key. EU relations with our partners in the region have been built on consultation. There is a view in the region that its perspectives have not been fully taken into account in the development of the current initiative. While there has already been contact with partners in the region at both official and political level, the period up to the European Council in June 2004 will provide a vital platform for active consultation with the countries of the region. This paper proposes a set of objectives and the development of Work Programmes, which might be the basis for consultation with the region.

There have been a number of important developments in recent months in respect of the region. These include the development of this strategy, the creation of the Neighbourhood policy, the mandate from the Naples EuroMediterranean Ministerial meeting, other proposals by individual EU member states and the Greater Middle East initiative of the United States.

The Union should use the period ahead to explain the objectives and the opportunities of the EU’s strategy and to develop a sense of shared ownership of it by our partners in the region.

Following this period of consultation it is envisaged that the EU strategy and the means to implement it will be adopted at the European Council in June 2004.

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 100ko

Brussels,03 29 2004
European Union
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