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Ministerial Declaration by the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum

Rome, 1 and 2 December 2003

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 100ko)

Building on the Ministerial Declaration of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum held in Athens on 21 May 2003 which approved the priorities for 2003-2006 MINISTERS AGREED ON THE FOLLOWING:

1. As regards energy policy objectives:

· the mutual interest of the Euro-Mediterranean Partners in the effective establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Energy Partnership which will fully contribute to the future free trade area,
· the anchoring of this Partnership to a genuine Euro-Mediterranean energy policy based on sustainable development, i.e. the equally balanced objectives of security of supply, competitiveness and transparency of markets, and on protection of the environment,
· the importance of implementing regional energy policy initiatives and carrying out infrastructure projects of common interest to consolidate existing interconnections and the gradual development of new network interconnection infrastructure projects.
· the essential role of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum in the development of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Partnership and the importance of providing the Forum with ad hoc logistical support for monitoring the implementation of a Euro-Mediterranean energy policy on the basis of the priorities selected for 2003-2006,
· the need to establish mechanisms, within the framework of existing Community and other sources, which will facilitate the funding of projects of common interest and the development of industrial cooperation in this respect, whereas the funding of energy projects is a matter principally for the private sector,

2. As regards implementation of the priorities for 2003-2006 the need:
· to ask the Forum's secretariat to present a contribution to the Conference regarding the necessary establishment and terms of reference of operation of the ad hoc logistical support for the Forum for the specific purpose of monitoring the implementation of a Euro-Mediterranean energy policy.
· for all players (Mediterranean Partners, EU Member States, European institutions, industry, financial institutions, etc.) to take appropriate measures to implement the priorities.

3. As regards technical assistance:
· the importance of the efforts made by the EU Member States, the Mediterranean Partners and the Commission regarding technical assistance under the MEDA programme and the need to concentrate on preparing regional initiatives and priority projects,
· to place more importance on energy at the level of industrial cooperation,
· to improve the coordination of future activities under the MEDA and other Community programmes by means of the Forum's ad hoc logistical support.

Read more by downloading the complete report (.doc - 100ko)

Brussels,12 15 2003
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