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Interview of Andre Marcha, Lebanese Jewlery Creator

How did you become a jewellery creator ?
Well, my parents were jewellers and eventhough my intention was to get a doctorate in Mathematics, I had to start working and earning some money. So, I decided, and it was actually almost an obligation, to enter in the jewellery design business.
This hasn't been of great difficulty for me since I was designing and painting at that period of my life. But, who knows, I might have won the Fields medal !!

What makes your creations different from the other's ?
I always strive to bring up new ideas, original designs to my creations.
On a personal level I think it is interesting to seek for challenges and to discover new horizons. But I have to say that this is not something I totally control : when I’m focused on a design, I usually discover the level of creativity once the design is completed.
I also pay a particular attention to the shape and colors and to the way they influence each other. It is fascinating to see how they interact , finding the appropriate combination is what gives live to jewels.

Where does your inspiration come from ?
I usually listen to jazz music while I'm working, this is likely to have an influence on my works.
But I would say that the motivation to deliver new creations and to maintain high standard in their implementation is a powerful way to keep inspiration.
There is something to be added here, one has to find the balance between creativity and eccentricity, you always have to keep in mind that harmony has to be respected. Fine tuning these elements is what brings the most beautiful jewels.

Do you have preferences for certain stones or gems ?
I like all gemstones but my personal preference goes to ruby and pearls. Pearls are suggestive, by looking at one you immediately imagine the atmosphere, the feel it will give to the jewel.
I also very much enjoy the possibilities that are offered to accommodate gems within concepts, I recently worked a lot with concepts such as fruits, animals, flowers…

Give us your definition of creativity…
It is the ability to artistically translate ideas into objects…

Beirut,11 24 2003
Yann Rotil
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