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Toshiba Introduces next Generation Tablet PC

The Computer Systems Division of Toshiba today introduced its next generation Tablet PC, offering an impressive list of new features, enhanced productivity tools and a new, uniquely designed docking station.

The Portégé M200 is built on the success of Toshiba’s award winning Portégé 3500 Tablet PC, offering advanced wireless connectivity (integrated Wireless LAN 802.11b and Bluetooth technology), Intel Centrino mobile processing power and a dual axis accelerometer.

With its innovative design and enhanced system performance, the Portégé M200 offers users a more intuitive interface and a natural, practical way of working with their computer.

Appealing to several customer segments including consumer, corporate, small-medium sized business, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals, the Portégé M200 offers exciting new options for users who want the maximum convenience and flexibility. From large sales force automation roll-outs to converting text to digital ink, the Portégé M200 is attractive to a broad range of customers looking to maximize productivity. Like its predecessor, the Portégé M200 works as an everyday notebook computer, but includes an innovative display that rotates and folds back for optimal information viewing and sharing. It optimally transitions into a Tablet PC, via a rotational hinge mechanism. The Portégé M200 also offers a choice of data input methods, such as typing, writing or speech insertion.

“Over the past year, Toshiba’s Tablet PC has gained acceptance because of its portability, versatility and ability to function beyond the traditional range of PC applications. Customers of all sizes across vast industries including insurance, pharmaceuticals and medical are using Toshiba’s award winning platform and are finding new ways to increase productivity during their entire business day,” said Ahmed Khalil, regional manager of Toshiba’s Computer Systems Division. “The Portégé M200 offers exciting new options including the Tablet Multi Dock - docking station and the reserve pen that provide new usage scenarios and increased application use, for everyday mobile computing needs.”

Revolutionary Docking Solution

Designed to support multiple usage scenarios, even in convertible Tablet PC mode, the Portégé M200 offers an optional Tablet Multi Dock solution which allows users to use their Tablet PC in a comfortable, natural position and to write on the screen while at their desk. With easy screen rotation to landscape or portrait mode, users now have the ability to adjust the unit at different height levels.

Expanding workspace and increasing productivity, the Tablet Multi Dock includes an integrated SlimSelectBay to support an additional hard disk drive or optical disk drive, enabling users to increase storage capacity, download software or back-up vital information.

Toshiba’s Portégé M200 is powered by the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 graphics controller with 32MB of dedicated DDR memory. The use of this leading-edge technology delivers the rich graphics required to power your daily office tasks and other applications that require a high level of graphics support, such as developing interactive multimedia presentations, web design or video editing.

In addition to the 12.1” high-resolution SXGA+ display, the Portégé M200 features a dual axis accelerometer which detects the way the user is holding the Tablet PC and adjusts the screen orientation and image accordingly.

Empowering people to do more

The Portégé M200 is bundled with Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 for added effectiveness in completing business tasks such as data management, spreadsheet and presentations. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 provides business users with the flexibility of a traditional paper notebook or Tablet PC, while allowing them to easily capture, organize, share and use their notes more effectively. With all of their notes in one place, users can be more productive anywhere they work whether in meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions or at their desk.

A new definition of convenience

Other enhancements of the Portégé M200 include pen-enabled programmable buttons which allows users to simply launch an application with the touch of the Tablet PC pen. In addition, the Portégé M200 features a zooming utility tool where one-touch magnification allows users to recognize icons, toolbars, fonts and more with greater viewability.

Amman,11 24 2003
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