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Focus on ebizproduction.com : Web sites Positioning in the Search Engines

For several years now entrepreneurs have integrated internet to the panoply of tools they use to improve their marketing strategies and give world exposure to their products or services. Nowadays, one can hardly find a company without a corporate web site or at the very least a presence of several pages on portal web sites.

For the most aware businessmen, the issue is not to get their site indexed int the leading search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, altavista.com, alltheweb.com, Lycos.com only to quote the most known.

Recently established at Berytech, ebizproduction, caters to such needs, "We have been studying the way search engines are working and the positioning techniques fir four years now", says Yann Rotil one of ebizproduction founders.

"If the number of web sites in the world starts to stabilize, the number of pages still grows at a very high rate. Google indexes 3,083,324,652, web pages to date and it still does not cover all the internet !!"

"It is easy to understand that a site has very low chances of being visited and of attracting people if it remains lost in the mass of information. That is what positioning is all about."

To make use of all the benefits that the internet can provide, a site should not only be visited by the people who know it, but should also attract people who are searching for information related to the content of the site. Thus, the web site of a Lebanese sweets producer must appear among the first in a search engine listing for words of expressions such as "arabic sweets, oriental swwets, arabic pastries, etc."

ebizproduction has the know-how to produce such results.

"We have followed up the evolution of the technology used by search engines. Only three years ago, integrating meta tags in the code of the web page was enough to obtain a satisfactory positioning. Today, with the search algorithms becoming more and more sophisticated and with the increasing number of web page available, it is much more complex.

ebizproduction obtains excellent results in this exercise. All the Lebanese and French companies that have entrusted the ebizproduction with the development or positioning of their web sites witnessed an increase in visits a few weeks after implementation. Their sites appear on the first page of search engines for expressions relevant of their activities, automatically bringing interesting new contacts.

"Tangible reseults are generally perceptible few weeks after the positioning process has been carried out. Our task is made easier thanks to the position that google acquired among the search engines: it is the most effective, more condulted (55% of the requests in January 2003 according to Weborama survey) and the fastest, add Rotil.

"Positioning is a long term job, certain engines take a request into account 2 or 3 months after submission. But beyond follow-ups, control and adjustments can take several months before giving satisfactory results."

To obtain a good positioning is not an easy thing and it is a parameter to consider prior to the development phase of a website. The task becomes more difficult for an already developed web site.

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Beirut,09 29 2003
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