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European and Mediterranean Youth organisations meet in Malta to launch new Euro-Med Youth Platform

More than 100 Youth organisations from the 12 Mediterranean partners (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey) as well as European Youth organisations, including 8 organisations from the future member states, gather this week (17 21 September) in Malta.

They will discuss the role and functions they wish for the new Euro-Med Youth Platform (EMYP), an additional pillar of the Euro-Med Youth Programme, which promotes co-operation between organisations from both shores of the Mediterranean.

The new platform, located in Malta and co-ordinated by a light structure supported by the Maltese Government, will respond to the need of reinforcing dialogue among cultures and civilisations throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region. It aims at bringing young people and organisations together in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding, facilitating networking of organisations, exchanging good practices and developing new projects. The EMYP will contribute to the development of civil society, democracy and active citizenship of young people.

The new platform will notably:
- create a network of organisations in the field of Youth;
- be a meeting point for young people from the region to assist in the capacity building of the organisations and increase their participation;
- be a place for the organisations to exchange good practices and create new projects;
- disseminate information, newsletters and follow-up.
Over 500 organisations from all over the Euro-Mediterranean Region have already joined the Platform in its second month of operation. The database, which has been created, should facilitate the setting up of projects and networks between Youth organisations from both sides of the region.


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Barcelona Process), launched in 1995 is a wide framework of political, economic and social relations between the 15 Member States of the European Union and 12 Partners of the Southern Mediterranean (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey). The Barcelona Declaration (1995) stressed that "youth exchanges should be the means to prepare future generations for a closer co-operation between the Euro-Mediterranean partners. The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Programme was therefore established based on experience acquired in Europe and taking account of the partners' needs". The programme's goals are to improve mutual comprehension and cohesion between young people across the Mediterranean basin, based on and committed to mutual respect, tolerance and dialogue between the various cultures. It also aims at increasing the importance of youth organisations, developing active citizenship of young people and especially young women and promoting the exchange of information, experience and expertise between youth organisations. Since 1999, more than 500 activities involving almost 10,000 young people from all Euro-Mediterranean partners have been funded (EU funding: € 6 million, plus € 14 million already approved for the period 2004-2006).

For further information on the Platform or on the launch, please contact the Platform' s Coordinator, Mr Giovanni Buttigieg on

ou visiter le site :

Les personnes à contacter à la Commission, DG Éducation et Culture, sont: Alejandra Martinez Boluda (Alejandra.Martinez-Boluda@cec.eu.int) et Silvia Mora (Silvia.Mora@cec.eu.int).

Site web du programme Euromed Youth :

Brussels,09 22 2003
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