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Upgrading the Quality of Economic Information in The Arab World And Beyond

Cairo, Egypt -- The Center for International Private Enterprise is co-hosting with the Ahram Center for Strategic Studies a series of events to promote private sector development and modernize economic journalism in the region from February 1 to 3. Over 20 representatives of regional think tanks will gather to share information on best practices and tools for the evelopment of market-economy.

Participants will discuss the role of civil society in policy making, strategic planning for development, governance and self-regulation, and the sustainability of economic reforms.

Representatives from Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Northern Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria will also discuss communications strategies, and the future of corporate governance, regional trade and the informal sector in the region.
Dr. Mustafa El Fikki, a prominent Egyptian parliamentarian, and Dr. Sultan Abu Ali former Egyptian Minister of Economy, will address the group on the essential role of economic information for private sector and economic policy makers.

The Ahram Regional Press Institute and CIPE will host a simultaneous conference for journalists from the Middle East and North Africa. Over 20 journalists from prominent media outlets will discuss North/South perspectives on globalization, the economic and legislative framework for free market economies, methods of economic reporting, the role of institutions and business associations in a free market, and transparency and its impact on markets.

The candid exchange of information and expertise will contribute to the modernization of economic reporting throughout the region and help journalists gain a modern framework for the public discourse on current global and local economic events both.

Presenters will include: Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Deputy Director, Center for Economic and Financial Studies, Cairo University; Dr. Noha El Mikawy, Project Director, Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany; Dr. Mustafa Al Said, Former Minister of Economy; Mr. Maher Hakim, Regional Business Development Manager, Reuters; Mr. Maged Shawky, Senior Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Trade; and Mrs, Nermine Abulata, Senior Researcher, Ministry of Foreign Trade.

According to John D. Sullivan, CIPE Executive Director, "For the public and the private sector to be more effective in making their economic decisions, economic policy institutes must be able to produce and economic journalists must be able to report on accessible, transparent and policy oriented economic analysis. This program brings together two of the key players in economic information, the people analyzing economic data and the people disseminating those data."

The full conference agenda is available on CIPE's web site at www.cipe.org/regional/mena/index.htm

CIPE is a non-profit affiliate of the U.S Chamber of Commerce and is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy. CIPE has supported more than 700 local initiatives in over 80 developing countries, involving the private sector in policy advocacy, institutional reform, improving governance, and building understanding of market-based democratic systems.

Amman,05 05 2003
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