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First Agadir Member States Investment Forum, Bruxelles, April 8th 2008 - 26 March 2008

Direct investment and free trade in the Arab Mediterranean region will be on display in the First Agadir Member States Investment Forum, to be held later next month.

The Agadir Agreement (Arab Mediterranean Free-Trade Area) was signed by the Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia in 2004 to form a free trade zone of Arab Mediterranean nations and help realise Euro-Mediterranean economic integration.

Under the agreement, member states will establish a free trade area to enable the Arab Mediterranean partners to gradually expose their economies to increased competition and proceed faster with economic integration and liberalisation.

As the Agadir Agreement outlines, member states and the EU will focus on "encouraging mutual investments between the member states, and to make their economic space as a whole more attractive to foreign investment".

The forum, which will take place in Brussels on April 8, will be coordinated in cooperation with the European Commission (EC), the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Council and the European Investment Bank.

Topics to be addressed at the gathering include direct investments toward joint ventures in the region, industrial integration between the Agadir states and exports to the European Market.

Also during the forum, investment opportunities in Agadir member states, legal framework and policies aiming at enhancing EU investment in the region and reform programs in the Agadir member states will also be discussed.

"This Forum is another example of the European Commission's commitment to enhance trade facilitation, and create investment networks in the Agadir area, which means more job opportunities, less poverty and sustainable economic development," EC delegation head Patrick Renauld said yesterday at a press conference unveiling the forum.

The forum is to be headed by concerned ministers from the four member countries as well as the European Commissioner for Trade and ranking officials from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Investment bank in addition to representatives from EU and regional private sectors.

During the forum, there will also be a presentation on available investment opportunities in the Kingdom in addition to other agreement members as well as the legal framework, investment enhancement policies and economic reform programs conducted within the Agadir region.

Marseille,03 30 2008
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