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Universal condemnation answers terrorist bombings in Algeria

Russia offers help in 'fight against new threats'

Leaders around the world strongly condemned Tuesday's terrorist bombings in Algeria that targeted United Nations offices and a government building on Tuesday, killing more than 60 people and wounding over a hundred.

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon condemned the terrorist attacks as "unacceptable," saying they "cannot be justified in any circumstances."

US President George W. Bush sent his "condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this horrible bombing in Algeria," US National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.

"We condemn this attack on the United Nations office by these enemies of humanity who attack the innocent. The United States stands with the people of Algeria, as well as the United Nations as they deal with this senseless violence," he added.

A statement from the European Union presidency said that the EU "strongly condemns the terrorist attacks" and "conveys its deepest sympathy, condolences and solidarity to the families of the victims." The EU said "these horrific attacks clearly demonstrate that terrorism is a threat to all states and to all peoples ... No cause, no grievance, can justify acts of terrorism."

According to the state-owned Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah wrote a telegram to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, condemning the attacks as "acts of terror."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also expressed his "sincere condolences to the families of the victims of this odious act." And according to Algeria's state-owned APS new agency, Abbas expressed "compassion and solidarity with the Algerian people" in a phone conversation with Bouteflika.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned "the odious and cowardly attacks."

In a statement from the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Spain condemned the attack, saying it "wished to express its shock to the Algerian government and people, and, in addition to its solidarity, it reaffirms [Spain's] commitment to collaborate in and support the fight against terrorism."

In a telegram from Italian Premier Romano Prodi to Bouteflika, Italy called terrorism "one of the worse plagues of our days," saying "we need to do everything possible against it." Prodi added that, "These are extremely serious episodes of vile and blind violence that, while hitting the victims, also deeply hurt the values of civil and social coexistence."

In a message addressed to Bouteflika, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Russia's help in fighting terrorism and extremism. "In condemning this abominable crime, I want to express to you our solidarity and our support," he wrote. "Russia is determined to reinforce cooperation with Algeria, a friend, in the fight against the new challenges and threats [of] extremism and terrorism."

Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali condemned the attacks in a message to Bouteflika, according to the TAP news agency. The president "strongly condemned the hateful crimes" carried out in the neighboring country and expressed his condolences, compassion and his "full solidarity" with Algeria in its fight against terrorism.

Morocco's King Mohammad VI also strongly condemned the bombings as a "terrorist act," the kingdom's MAP news agency reported.

Marseille,12 17 2007
The Daily Star
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