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Alsumaria TV goes terrestrial in Iraq Media

January 2007: Just two years after its launch and as part of its strategy to reach every Iraqi home, the Iraqi satellite network, Alsumaria TV (12130.26 mhz, Nilesat) has announced the beginning of terrestrial broadcast in Iraq, hence, pioneering in becoming the first terrestrial digital network in the Region.

In line with the network’s strong commitment “For One Iraq”, Alsumaria’s initiative aims at building the first digital terrestrial TV network in the Arab world covering the entire Iraqi territory. This move will allow Iraqi viewers to watch their favorite TV station via the traditional antenna without the need to use a dish or satellite receiver.

The implementation plan is based on two consecutive phases: the first one includes the installation of terrestrial sites for Baghdad and Al-Anbar provinces, while the second will cover provinces of Karbala, Basrah, Mosul and Irbil.

First Phase
Terrestrial broadcast in the Baghdad region has been launched on January 15th.The terrestrial broadcast has a radius of 120 km. All homes of the central Iraqi region are today able to receive Alsumaria through the traditional aluminum antenna. As for Al-Anbar, terrestrial broadcast will be operational by June 2007, with a radius of 105 km. In short, phase one will be covering a surface of 158.000 km2 and a population of around 9 millions inhabitants.

Second Phase
June 2007 will also witness the start of the construction process of phase two for which equipment production has already begun. This phase will close by end of this year through the coverage of Karbala, Basrah, Mosul and Irbil sites. 95 percent of the Iraqi territory will then be covered by Alsumaria terrestrial broadcast.
Alsumaria is an independent Iraqi TV network established in September 2004 and assembles today a highly skilled team of 450 employees working across Iraq, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Alsumaria TV broadcasts 24/24. More than 25 hours of its weekly programs are in-house creations produced by Alsumaria in its own studios. The TV programs line-up focuse on entertainment, culture, politics and news in addition to social programs and live shows hosted by an Iraqi youth team.

Furthermore, a rich interaction between Alsumaria TV and the Iraqi audience is built through live phone calls and SMS, as well as field reports produced by a dynamic team of reporters and journalists covering all Iraqi regions and depicting recurrent obstacles that thwart people’s daily life.

Note: SUMER FM Radio - which is a sister company of Alsumaria TV - has recently enhanced broadcast reach covering a radius of 400 km from Baghdad.

Baghdad,02 23 2007
Communication Department
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