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GITEX shopper frenzy closes on all time high

The 16th edition of GITEX Shopper and Consumer Electronics Expo 2006 was a roaring success with the volume of sales hitting a record high of more than AED82 million, and the number of visitors who took part in the retail bonanza going up by 6.5 percent as compared to last year, to reach 125,753 visitors.

"Coming close on the heels of the exciting success of GITEX & GULFCOMMS 2006, we are delighted that GITEX Shopper has had such an overwhelming response, proving once again that this is the largest consumer IT shopping event in region," said DWTC Director-General, Mr Helal Saeed Al-Marri.

Vendors saved their best deals for the last three days as even more promotions and cash offers were announced by most of the retailers. Divisional Manager, Plug Ins, Bradley Bennett, said: "We had an increase of 40 percent in sales during the first four days of the exhibition;" while Sales Manager PCSS Division of Emirates Computers, Bilal Hamaoui, reported substantially high sales figures. Kamran Khayal, Sales & Marketing manager, TRIGON, said: "This is our fifth year of participation at GITEX Shopper. This year has been especially interesting for us because of the bigger crowd, a good mix of visitors, with more people compared to last year who were knowledgeable on the products." "Also, this year our focus was on Laptops, LCD TVs and high-end digital cameras.

We have crossed AED700,000 in sales during the first four days and our target was AED1.5 million for the entire event," Khayal added. Retail Manager, Harman House, M. K. Raju, said: "It is our second year of participation and are pleased that there was a good crowd and a good demand. GITEX Shopper has evolved from computers to consumer electronics and we see that there is a higher demand for such products." Harman House reported they were able to almost double their sales compared to last year. Mr Reddy V.N. business manager, Consumer Imaging - Digital Products, Emirates Photo Marketing, said: "This is our third year at GITEX Shopper. Last year we did AED500,000 in sales and we remain very optimistic this year." "We have a target volume of sales of AED1.2 million for the 7 days, and considering the first 4 days we believe we will exceed our target," Co-ordinator, Global Development Division, Twinmos, Muhammad Ziaur Rahaman said. COO of Jacky's Electronics, Ashish Panjab, said: "Our sales have been up by 30 percent to 40 percent compared to last year.

Some of the hot products this year were LCD screens, laptops and digital cameras." Visitors too had it good at the region's biggest consumer IT shopping event. While Network Engineer Aser Younis Kozan said he was able to find a good laptop at a very good price, a British Graphic Designer Aimee Meme said: "I came to GITEX Shopper to buy an LCD screen. In fact one of my colleagues bought one yesterday and I couldn't believe the price she bought it for, so I couldn't miss this opportunity." Anil Reddy, a tourist to Dubai found what he wanted at Shopper. "I have heard a lot of people talking about GITEX Shopper with excellent offers, promotions and a large choice of products! So I decided to come by and I really found what I wanted. It's really a good experience." Ghada M. Agha, a creative director, wanted a good camera to add to her collection. "I'm always looking for the latest models. GITEX Shopper offers the largest choice under one roof and the major advantage here is the attractive prices. So I am very happy because I could find the right camera while saving money too."

Amman,12 26 2006
The Star
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