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Web-marketing company Ebizproduction expands its services and seals a partnership with Weborama

Considered a pioneer in Webmarketing in Lebanon, Ebizproduction recently finalized a partnership with French company Weborama.

A move that allows it to offer a complete package of services in developing and launching webmarketing strategies, as well as assessing their effectiveness.

Web-marketing is defined as the creation, distribution and promotion of products or services to a target market through the internet.

Ebizproduction focuses on supplying web-marketing services to the French and Lebanese markets. This includes business counselling, search-engine optimization, positioning websites in search engines, and development of visitor loyalty programmes. These initiatives result in a spectacular increase in the number of visitors to the website, reaching four times more on average.

Weborama develops solutions for tracking and profiling of internet users, allowing businesses to determine the habits of internet users within the website. Generally, usage statistics supplied by web developers only indicate the number of visitors, their location, or most popular pages visited. Weborama, on the other hand, can offer a much more detailed and useful profiling.

'This new partnership reinforces our position as leaders in web-marketing,' says Nicolas L'Helgoualc'h, business development manager at Ebizproduction. 'We have completely mastered the technique of positioning and promoting websites, and we possess the most ideal solution to measure ROI on the market,' he adds. L'Helgoualc'h notes that the outlook seems excellent for both companies when considering potential growth in e-commerce and online
services in the Middle East.

Luis Castanho, Director of International Development at Weborama says that 'this agreement is a natural step in Weborama's global growth strategy, providing the company a prime position in the near east.' Castanho adds that 'the strong technological know-how of both companies as well as Ebizproduction's important experience in the internet sector will increase awareness of internet user behaviour and analysis.'

In effect, Weboscope and Weborama solutions allow businesses to monitor the activity of a website with precision. This includes pages viewed, average time of visit, search strings, indexed pages, key words and search engines, portrayed in graphs for easier understanding.

In addition, thanks to its 'Mega Panel', Weboscope provides the option of viewing categories of visitors by type, age group, profession and more. Armed with this information, the webmaster can adapt the contents of the site, detect 'hot zones' and optimize operations accordingly. This makes it very simple to measure the Return on Investment for a campaign with sponsored links, banner campaigns or search-engine positioning by tracking the path of visitors on the site.

The webmaster, for example, can then track the precise number of visits generated by a banner, as well as the number of orders and direct sales resulting from that particular banner.

Notes and Media Contacts
About Weborama:
Established in 1998, Weborama offers its clients innovative services to optimize on-line marketing strategies in terms of efficiency and Return on Investment. To achieve this, Weborama has introduced Weboscope, a range of services targeting all business needs and other new media. These decisionhelping tools allow management and marketing departments to pinpoint the impact and returns of every emarketing initiative their company has undertaken. Weboscope also allows a perfect way to measure internet or intranet traffic, providing as well pertinent analysis and behaviour patterns of internet users. Weboscope is certified by Diffusion Controle in France. Noos, Groupe BNP Paribas, PSA, Arte, MSN, and Societe Generale are among Weborama's extensive list of references.

About Ebizproduction: With offices in France since 1998 and in Lebanon since 2003, Ebizproduction has become a leading reference in web development and e-marketing. Working side by side with its clients, Ebizproduction guides a business in developing an internet strategy and e-marketing solutions through its website, intranet site or extranet site. The company boasts over 200 clients, including SNA, Embassy of France in Lebanon, Avis Lebanon, Maison Vacances, Lebanon Gourmet, Turquoise Voyage and Exotica to name a few.
Yann Rotil
LIBAN : Berytech Pôle Technologique - Mar Roukos - Mkalles -
Tel : (961) 4 - 533040 (ext: 3105)
FRANCE : 56 bd Michelet - 13008 Marseille - Tel : (00.33) 491.77.13.18.

Beirut,09 11 2006
ebizproduction is supported by "Le Conseil Régional de la Région
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur".
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