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Alsumaria : A laudable Iraqi satellite TV network

Since the Iraqi satellite networks initiated their broadcasting I have been vigilantly watching their media language. Hence, I found that Alsumaria TV channel adopted a moderate and clean approach in covering all the events that took place in Iraq, as well as Iraqi Satellite Channel which opted for a reasonable and responsible language.

In choosing this ancient and great name, Alsumaria TV has made a choice to be one hundred percent Iraqi ingrained. Some may consider my opinion as flattering and biased, while others might see it as a free service to the said channel. However, a sound resolution in this matter might be easily reached since this channel is available to all viewers and it is not coded. Thus, all experts in media language are able to reach a lucid judgment regarding the channel’s method and approach. Alsumaria tried to steer clear of poisonous and tendentious orientations and was able, due to its administration, to be the most popular channel for various reasons, summarized as follows:
First of all, the Alsumaria TV channel was never interested in conceptual tendentious and inciting speeches as it has never been a means to transmit blood or destruction images via its general broadcasting methods.
Second of all, Alsumariamanaged to cross the boundaries of the nation and was able to play the role of an enlightening channel diffusing the Iraqi accomplishments through its beautiful programs. Iraq Stars one of the channel’s programs is an indubitable proof. The later has astonished the Lebanese and Arab viewers with the beautiful track of the show reflecting the Iraqi singing accomplishments. Consequently, Alsumaria TV channel became the ambassador of all satellite channels in publicizing the Iraqi accomplishments while other channels compete to disseminate confessional tensions focusing on special categories to draw their attentions towards their suspicious goals.
The daily breaks introduced between its programs are speaking to all Iraqis in one voice which casts its roots in one tradition, and one civilization, the “Sumer civilization” which has earned the respect of the entire world due to its achievements and laws.
Thumbs up for Alsumaria.

April 2006

Baghdad,06 30 2006
Furat Ibrahim
Al Chabaka Al Iraqia
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