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* “We supported the Palestinian elections and respect their outcome. But the heart of the matter is the emergence of a Palestinian Authority whose government is led by members of an organisation included in the EU terrorist list and that continues, to this day, to attempt to justify suicide bombings in Israel” European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy said on 26 April during the European Parliament Plenary session. Hamas having not committed itself to the Quartet principles, the EU Council endorsed the decision of the Commission two weeks ago to temporarily put on hold assistance to, or through, the Palestinian government and its ministries. “It is not a definitive decision: we are currently reviewing all projects involving payments to or through the Palestinian Authority to see whether we can find alternative solutions”, Ms Ferrero-Waldner added. The Commission is aware that the economic, social and humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories is getting worse but according to the Commissioner “we must be clear on one point: the key to preventing a humanitarian disaster in the Palestinian territories lies with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, not the international community”. She concluded by stressing that the upcoming Quartet meeting on 9 May should be an opportunity for the international community to address this question as well as the measures Israel could take to ease the humanitarian situation. Full press article: http://europa.eu.int/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=SPEECH/06/260&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en

* Europe has always been at the forefront in defending Palestinian aspirations. The article published in Al Hayat on 24 April by Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy in an article published, underlines the fact that, since Oslo, the architecture of European financial and technical assistance was designed to build the institutions of a future Palestinian State. “Europe has been and remains the biggest contributor to the Palestinian people, and tomorrow it will continue with the same spirit of friendship and openhandedness with the Palestinian society”, Mr. Solana wrote. He insisted on the importance for the party in power to share the peace agenda underpinning the EU-Palestinian partnership as well as the vision of a pluralist Palestinian society attached to the rule of law and respect for human rights. “The responsibilities of power are far heavier than those of opposition” he added while appealing to the two parties to break free of the punishment and revenge cycle. “Reciprocal recognition is not an option, it is a necessity and Europe will not legitimise any unilateral decisions by either party”, he concluded. Full article (in English): http://ue.eu.int/ueDocs/cms_Data/docs/pressdata/EN/articles/89286.pdf

* “Terrorism is the mark of the weak and the European Union will continue to use every means possible to fight against it” says President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell on 25 April, firmly condemning the triple bomb attack which took place in Dahab, Egypt. “The EU will stand united with the government of Egypt to fight terrorism in all its forms”says the Austrian EU Presidency. Together with EU High Representative for the CFSP, they both expressed their condolences to the family of the victims. Pess releases: http://ue.eu.int/ueDocs/cms_Data/docs/pressData/en/declarations/89297.pdf and http://www.europarl.eu.int/president/defaulten.htm


* 1st Introductory and Training Seminar on International Cooperation and mutual fiduciary support in civil Matters, 24 - 27 April 2006, Paris. This seminar on “International standards for fighting money laundering” is the first of four seminars falling under the Euro-Med Justice Programme financed by MEDA and managed by the EuropeAid Cooperation office of the European Commission. Participants to this seminar which is held under the third topic of the Euro-Med Justice Programme “International dimension of financial procedures, in particular money laundering”, are judges, magistrates, court registrars, lawyers, training officers and any other practitioner of the legal professions in the Euro-Mediterranean region. During this seminar, they will work on International and European conventions as well as national law. Open debates and working groups will be organised on the ways to improve judicial mutual assistance in this field. For more information: http://www.eipa.nl/index.asp?option=EuroMedJustice

* International Business Dispute Resolution workshop and conference on 27 and 28 April 2006, Beirut, Lebanon. In the context of the regional project “Promotion of International Commercial Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in MEDA Countries”, financed by MEDA and managed by the Delegation of the European Commission in Jordan, an intensive skills-enhancing workshop for jurists intended to highlight the advantages of using arbitration and mediation dispute resolution process as alternatives to litigation will be held on 27 April. During the workshop, instructors will draw on case studies, research data and legislation to illustrate the challenges and lessons learned from EU experience, and Mediterranean partners will be invited to evaluate the relevance of such experience at national level. As a follow-up on the workshop, the conference “Settlement of Commercial Disputes in the Mediterranean” on 28 April will bring together prominent jurists from the Mediterranean partner countries and the EU to discuss the existing commercial dispute mechanisms on both shores of the Mediterranean. For further information please contact: meda@adrcenter.it or look on: www.adrmeda.org

* EuroMed Information and Communication Network meeting – 28-30 April 2006, Palermo, Italy. During this meeting, Information and Communication Officers of EC Headquarters and Delegations in the Mediterranean will discuss the state of play of their activities for which the EuropeAid Cooperation Office (AIDCO) and the Directorate General for External Relations (DG RELEX) are responsible. The prospects of a new Regional Information and Communication Programme with regard to the European Neighbourhood Policy will also be addressed. The meeting will coincide with the Annual Meeting of the COPEAM (Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators, which further provides an opportunity for information and knowledge exchange on the wider use of existing broadcast products in the Mediterranean region. To increase the EuroMed partnership visibility, a selected number of related media and audiovisual activities financed by MEDA under the Regional Information and Communication Programme will be displayed and presented to COPEAM members.

* 20th Information & Training Seminar for Diplomats, 5-8 May 2006, Malta. The regional MEDA Programme to run semi-annual Information and Training Seminars for Euro-Mediterranean diplomats of the 35 partner countries is led by the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies. The Euro-Med seminars have consisted of a series of presentations with a primary objective of familiarization with the Euro-Mediterranean Process. Subject areas examined were: the EU institutional setting and decision-making patterns, the question of how to deal with the EU in practical terms, and the selected aspects of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and its implementation. This seminar will include, among others, presentations of the EuroMed Partnership Five Year Work Programme, of the Code of conduct countering terrorism, and of education and social-cultural exchanges in the region. A panel debate on the future prospects of the Barcelona Process will also be organised. For the programme and more information: http://www.euromed-seminars.org.mt/seminar20/programme.htm

* RehabiMed Seminar on “Rehabilitation and durable tourism”, 19-26 June 2006, Kairouan, Tunisia. The “Rehabilitation of Traditional Mediterranean Architecture” (RehabiMed) project is part of the regional EuroMed Heritage Programme, financed by MEDA, and aims at safeguarding the traditional architectural heritage of the Mediterranean basin in order to improve the living conditions and to increase the management capacity of the regional and local authorities. RehabiMed concentrates its work on four basic vectors of rehabilitation: rehabilitation and urban landscape in Lefkara (Cyprus), rehabilitation and artisans in Cairo (Egypt), rehabilitation and sustainable tourism in Kairouan (Tunisia) and rehabilitation and social measures in Marrakech (Morocco). This seminar will focus specifically on the social problem of housing in the historic centre of Kairouan and on the role of cultural tourism, all from the viewpoint of rehabilitation of traditional architectural heritage. The programme of the seminar which will be held in French is available on: http://www.rehabimed.net/docs/seminari_tunez.PDF. For registration contact: rehabimed@apabcn.es

* Launch of the MED-ENEC Pilot Projects Competition. The public invitation for applications of Mediterranean pilot projects on energy efficiency in the construction sector public is one of the first activities of the MEDA-funded “MED ENEC” project on Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector. It is addressed to the Mediterranean partner countries and, until 30th of June 2006, appropriate project initiatives that are planned for realisation between September 2006 and September 2008 can apply. In August 2006 an evaluation committee will select up to ten pilot projects for support. The competition documents containing information on the general conditions of the competition as well as on the application procedures are available for download at www.med-enec.com.




Consolidation de la sécurité maritime
Reference: EuropeAid/122557/D/SER/DZ
Budget EUR: 1095000 Status: Open (until 03.05.2006)

Consolidation de la surveillance animale et phytosanitaire de la qualité et des normes des produits agricoles
Reference: EuropeAid/122558/D/SER/DZ
Budget EUR: 1000000 Status: Open (until 03.05.2006)

Appui au renforcement de l’efficacité de la législation commerciale
Reference: EuropeAid/122559/D/SER/DZ
Budget EUR: 1075000 Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122849/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122850/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 14.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122851/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie
Reference: EuropeAid/122852/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122853/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122854/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122855/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 06.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie
Reference: EuropeAid/122942/M/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 28.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/122943/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 28.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au développemnt socio-économique local dans le Nord -Est de l’ Algérie
Reference: EuropeAid/122944/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 28.05.2006)

Programme d’appui au dévelopement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie
Reference: EuropeAid/123061/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 10.06.2006)

Programme d appui au developpement socio-economique local dans le Nord-Est de l Algerie
Reference: EuropeAid/123069/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 17.06.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord-Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/123073/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 10.06.2006)

Programme d’appui au développement socio-économique local dans le Nord -Est de l’ Algérie.
Reference: EuropeAid/123075/D/WKS/DZ Status: Open (until 10.06.2006)


Works for Development of 12 Health Facilities in Menoufia Governorate and 23 Health Facilities in Sohag Governorate
Reference: EuropeAid/122163/M/WKS/EG Status: Open (until ?)

Trade Enhancement Programme C-TEP C - IT Equipment Supply and Services for the Customs Administration
Reference: EuropeAid/122369/D/SUP/EG Status: Open (until 29.05.2006)

Vehicles Office Furniture and Equipment - Financial Investment Sector Cooperation Rural Component
Reference: EuropeAid/122635/D/SUP/EG Status: Open (until 15.05.2006)

TVET - Supply of IT and Office Equipment for PMU
Reference: EuropeAid/122919/D/SUP/EG Status: Open (until 21.05.2006)


Training for metrology accreditation body and standardisation body
Reference: EuropeAid/122120/D/SER/LB
Budget EUR: 3000000 Status: Open (until 03.05.2006)

TA to ELCIM Project for the Implementation of Cluster Based Activities for SMEs
Reference: EuropeAid/122270/D/SER/LB
Budget EUR: 2200000 Status: Open (until 19.05.2006)


Fourniture de matériel pour l’équipement des bibliothèques du Ministère et de 44 juridictions concernant les systèmes de gestion documentaire et dotation en documentation
Reference: EuropeAid/121796/D/SUP/MA Status: Open (until 02.05.2006)

Fourniture de matériel de bureau d’équipements informatique et de véhicules
Reference: EuropeAid/122343/D/SUP/MA Status: Open (until 31.05.2006)

Acquisition des cartables manuels et fournitures scolaires - Provinces de Taounate Sefrou Larache Khemisset Khenifra El Jadida Figuig et Chtouka Ait Baha
Reference: EuropeAid/122749/D/SUP/MA Status: Open (until 29.05.2006)

Alimentation en eau potable en milieu rural et assainissement de petits centres - Fourniture de moyens de transport
Reference: EuropeAid/122973/D/SUP/MA Status: Open (until 07.06.2006)

Alimentation en eau potable en milieu rural et assainissement de petits centres - Fourniture d outillage
Reference: EuropeAid/122974/D/SUP/MA Status: Open (until 07.06.2006)

Marché de travaux de construction de 4 centres féminins de formation pour le Projet de Développement Rural Participatif dans le Moyen Atlas Central de la Province de Khenifra - MAROC
Reference: EuropeAid/123034/M/WKS/MA Status: Open (until 01.06.2006)


Mission d’assistance à la privatisation des sociétés ateliers de constructions métalliques et de maintenances de gabes et matériel ferroviaire Ganz Tunisie
Reference: EuropeAid/121904/D/SER/TN
Budget EUR: 300000 Status: Open (until 08.05.2006)


Supply of Equipment for the Arbitration Committees for Consumer Problems of the Ministry Of Industry and Trade in Turkey
Reference: EuropeAid/121083/D/SUP/TR Status: Open (until 08.05.2006)

Technical Assistance for Ensuring the Compliance of the Frequency Performance of Turkish Power System with UCTE Criteria
Reference: EuropeAid/121142/D/SER/TR
Budget EUR: 2500000 Status: Open (until 05.05.2006)

Support to State Planning Organization to Build Capacity at Central Regional and Local Level to Implement Economic and Social Cohesion Measures in line with the pNDP
Reference: EuropeAid/121243/D/SER/TR
Budget EUR: 2500000 Status: Open (until 03.05.2006)

Supervision for the construction of Courts of Appeal Buildings
Reference: EuropeAid/121436/D/SER/TR
Budget EUR: 1900000 Status: Open (until 25.05.2006)

Support to Legal Metrology
Reference: EuropeAid/122782/D/SER/TR
Budget EUR: 700000 Status: Open (until 01.05.2006)

Restoration of Phase Two Houses Social Centres and Shops in Balat Market Fener Balat Districts Fatih Municipality Istanbul Turkey
Reference: EuropeAid/123158/L/WKS/TR Status: Open (until 05.06.2006)

Bruxelles,05 09 2006
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